The best fruit trees for the San Antonio area
Fruit trees can be grown sucessfully in the S.A. area provided you chose the right variety. Fruit trees in our area need
to be low chilling varieties. If a variety needs a high level of chill hours(chill hour are the number of winter hours below
45degrees) they will not produce in our area because our winters are too short. So even though you may not be able to
grow some of the varieties that you see in the grocery store the fruit trees on this list are low chill varieties that produce
high quality fruit.
Anna-Large green fruit with red blush,sweet taste,needs pollinator use Dorsett Gold,bears early
Ein Shiemer – Medium size light yellow fruit with blushed red skin,juicy mildly acid flesh. Needs pollinator use Anna.Bears
Gala – Medium size fruit ,beautiful red on yellow color skin ,highly aromatic,firm,crisp,juicy,sweet yellow flesh,heavy
bearerbears early
Dorsett Gold – Medium to large fruit yellow to greenish yellow skin sweet flesh good for eating fresh or cooking. Bears
Granny Smith – Large bright green fruit,firm tart flesh,Good Quality makes good pies and sauces Bears early to
Mollies Delicious – Large fruit light yellow blushed red skin,light yellow flesh juicy sweet aromatic,bears midseason
Mutzu Yellow – Very large fruit greenish yellow to yellow blushed red skin,cream colored flesh very crisp and tart.
Frequent taste test winner excellent desert and cooking apple. Bears late.
Red Delicious – Classic apple shape large fruit red skin sweet cream colored flesh. Needs pollinatoruse Granny Smith,
bears mid-season to late.

Belle of Georgia- Large fruit freestone,creamy white skin blushed red,white flesh good flavor, ripens mid-season
Florida King – Medium to large fruit clingstone, firm yellow fruit, ripens early.
Elberta – Medium to large fruit,freestone, Yellow skin blushed red,yellow flesh good quality,good variety for hill country,
ripens mid-season
Harvester – Medium sized fruit freestone yellow skin yellow flesh of excellent quality,ripens early.
Junegold –Large fruit clingstone,gold redblush skin,yellow flesh juicy sweet of high quality,ripens May to June.
La Feliciana – Large fruit freestone Yellow fruit of high quality,reccomended by Texas A&M,Ripens early midseason late
Loring – Large fruit freestone,yellow skin redblush,juicy yellow flesh of good quality,ripens midseason.
Rio Grande – Medium to large fruit freestone,redblushed yellow skin,firm yellow flesh,ripens early.
Swanee – Large fruit freestone Yellow and red skin, yellow flesh ,delicious flavor ripens mid-June
Texstar – Medium size fruit ,semi-clingstone,yellow skin yellow flesh ,an Texas A&M release heavy bearer ripens early

                         All pears need another pear for pollination they can be the same variety or different.
Kieffer – Medium to large fruit,oval greenish yellow fruit blushed red. Gritty fruit fair flavor,good for canning or baking.
Resistant to fireblight.Ripens Sept-October.
Le Conte- Medium sized fruit ,bell shaped creamy yellow skin with slight blush,soft flesh, fireblight resistance. Ripens
Moonglow-Classic pear shape yellow skin blushed red,juicy soft flesh good flavor,heavy bearer,resistant to fireblight.
Ripens late August.
Orient – Large bell shaped fruit,yellow skin,firm juicy flesh slightly sweet,good for canning and baking, heavy bearer.
Resistant to fireblight. Ripens September.
Pineapple – Medium sized yellow fruit with red blush,pineapple flavored flesh,good for preserves.Fireblght resistant.


Bruce – Large wine red fruit,delicious flavor good eating or use for jellies ,heavy bearer needs pollenizer use Methly.
Ripens early June .
Burbank- Large purplish-red fruit ,yellow delicious flesh,excellent eating,heavy bearer,needs pollenizer use Methley or
Santa Rosa. Ripens late June.
Methly- Large fruit ,reddish purple skin,dark red flesh sweet mild flavor. Good disease resistance,self-pollinating. Ripens
Santa Rosa – Medium to large fruit purplish red skin with blue,yellow flesh red near skin,rich tart flavor.Self-pollenating,
ripens June –July.

Red Chief- Medium to small fruit deep red skin, sweet tart white flesh very flavorful,freestone ,self-pollenating.Ripens
late July-August.
Surecrop – Medium sized fruit lush red over white skin,sweet yellow flesh, very productive ,freestone,self-pollenating.
Ripens mid-August.
Brown Turkey-Medium to large fruit ,brown skin light pinkish flesh,excellent quality for eating,canning and jams. Small
low branched tree prolific producer.
Celeste – small to medium sized fruit